“So you say I’m complicated that I must be outta my mind, but you had me underrated”

– Confident by Demi Lovato


The woman behind all of this.. is Leah Rose Bell. A Recently married 23 year old who adores Fashion, Beauty and all that life brings to the adventure.

Leah is an “Editor, Trend Setter, and a Go Getter”. She is a woman of style and of poise. She knows her fashion and knows her own style. After being able to walk a small local runway, she knew that one day, that love of the runway, would come back into light.

She is a woman who stands for what she believes in and nothing else gets in the way or prevents her from doing that. After fighting battles in her life that tried to knock her confidence, she got back up and kept going.


And so.. the adventure continues, but also begins.. as the difference Now is…

…she wants YOU here for the ride.

“Lets adventure, together”.